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July 10, 2011

Yes/Styx Set Lists & Review

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Welcome back to The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!

I’ve been putting this one off in the hopes that I could find the sets from the July 5 show at the PNC Bank Center, but no such luck.  So, I’ve decided to just go with the July 4 show at the Susquehanna Bank Center.  If the July 5 stuff shows up, I’ll make a post about it then.

Anyway, Yes and Styx played the SBC on July 4 – it was the opening show of their summer tour together.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of Styx and, as a result, don’t really know their songs.  Therefore, even though I was at the show, I can’t really tell you what the set list is with much accuracy.  I’ve found one on the web, and based on what I remember it looks about right, but I can’t be sure.  Let me know if there’s anything wrong.  The Yes set, on the other hand, is definitely correct.  Here we go:


  1. Blue Collar Man
  2. The Grand Illusion
  3. One With Everything
  4. Too Much Time on My Hands
  5. Lorelei
  6. Man in the Wilderness
  7. Suite Madame Blue
  8. Crystal Ball
  9. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
  10. Miss America
  11. Come Sail Away


  1. Renegade


  1. Tempus Fugit
  2. Yours is No Disgrace
  3. Heart of the Sunrise
  4. I’ve Seen All Good People
  5. Fly From Here (Part One)
  6. And You And I
  7. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  8. Roundabout


  1. Starship Trooper

It was a very enjoyable show, and definitely a better way to spend the holiday than watching fireworks!  The one issue I had with the Yes/Styx crowd is the same that I had last year at the Yes/Frampton show at the Tower.  Sitting down at a concert is weird.  Now, there are times when it’s appropriate, like when you’re in the nosebleeds at a DMB show and standing up means falling to your death.  Okay, that’s fair.  But just sitting?  Eh, not my thing.  Anyway, whatever.

The show began with a surprise appearance by Shane Alexander.  Apparently he is opening for the entire tour, but I never remember seeing him listed.  So that was a bonus.  I had never heard of him, but apparently he’s one of those singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar artists.  He played four songs – all of them good for what they were, especially the first one.  Unfortunately, that’s not really my kind of music.  Still, he wasn’t bad.

Styx took the stage shortly after and, after a video intro, broke into “Blue Collar Man” (that one I know for sure).  They played with a lot of energy and sounded really good.  Upon finishing the fifth song they introduced “Man in the Wilderness” by saying it might be the first time they ever played it.  Neato!  They finished up the show with “Come Sail Away,” and everyone got up on their feet.  When the song was over, they left for a quick minute, barely even pretending that they weren’t coming back.  They tossed some shirts into the crowd before launching into “Renegade,” and then they were done.  The house lights came on and we went into the intermission.

After a fairly quick intermission the video screen began with what appeared to be concept stuff from the upcoming album.  The video ended, and Yes launched into “Tempus Fugit.”  The show was great, and they played very well.  The only real complaint I have about the Yes set is that it was almost identical to the set I saw last year at the Tower.  Out of nine songs, six were exactly the same, and five were in the same order.  Still, they were good songs (except “owner of a Lonely Heart.”  Bleh), so the show was still very enjoyable.  “Heart of the Sunrise” and “I’ve Seen All Good People” were new to me, and they were spectacular.  The best of the night, however, if I dare to even suggest it, might have been “Fly From Here,” the sneak peek from the upcoming album.  I really liked the bit of it that they played, and now I’m really looking forward to the new album.  The show ended predictably, with “Roundabout” and then “Starship Trooper” as the encore.  And, with that, the show was over.

All in all, a great night.  Definitely better than fireworks.

~The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  Keep listening!



  1. Styx played “Lady”, not “Lorelei”.

    Comment by Fred — July 12, 2011 @ 3:26 pm

  2. Went and saw styx at the beginning of the tour on vacations with the same set and they sounded great….the only question everyone asked me about the show was “did they do mr roboto”? Nope…I waited too…I didnt bother to buy a ticket when they came into Detroit…no mr roboto no ticket to the show….youd think theyd figure this out by now…..

    Comment by kewpie 1 — July 20, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

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