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July 31, 2011

311/Sublime with Rome Set Lists

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Welcome back to The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  311 and Sublime with Rome brought the Unity tour to Penn’s Landing Festival Pier on July 26.  I looked for a review but couldn’t find one, so the set lists will have to do.  As usual, I can’t confirm the validity since I wasn’t there.  Here goes:

Sublime with Rome

  1. Smoke Two Joints [Bob Marley cover]
  2. Don’t Push
  3. Garden Grove
  4. Right Back
  5. New Thrash
  6. Panic
  7. 5446/Ball and Chain
  8. Take It or Leave It
  9. Scarlet Begonias
  10. My World
  11. Wrong Way
  12. You Better Listen
  13. Date Rape
  14. Badfish
  15. Let’s Go Get Stoned
  16. What I Got
  17. Under My Voodoo
  18. Santeria


  1. Jackpot
  2. From Chaos
  3. All Mixed Up
  4. Sunset in July
  5. Large in the Margin
  6. What Was I Thinking
  7. Count Me In
  8. Beautiful Disaster
  9. Stealing Happy Hours
  10. Applied Science
  11. Wild Nights
  12. Do You Right
  13. Mindspin
  14. Rock On
  15. Loco
  16. Bass Solo
  17. Nutsymtom
  18. Amber
  19. Time Bomb
  20. Creatures (For a While)


  1. Omaha Stylee
  2. Down
  3. F**k the Bulls**t

~The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  Keep listening!

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