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September 18, 2011

blink-182/My Chemical Romance Set Lists

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Welcome back to The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  blink-182 and My Chemical Romance played the Susquehanna Bank Center Saturday night on the Honda Civic Tour.  Now, I saw MCR back when they were touring Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, and quite frankly I thought their showmanship was fairly boring.  It’s my understanding that they’ve gotten a lot better in that department since, but I’ve lost a lot of the interest I used to have in the band over the years.  I’ve never seen blink-182, but I’ve only heard good things about their live shows, especially Travis Barker’s drum solos.  Anyway, I tried to find a review of the show but came up empty, so here are the sets with my usual accuracy warning:

My Chemical Romance

  1. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
  2. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
  3. Planetary (GO!)
  4. Mama
  5. Helena
  6. The Kids From Yesterday
  7. Teenagers
  8. Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
  9. The Only Hope For Me Is You
  10. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
  11. Welcome to the Black Parade
  12. Cancer


  1. Feeling This
  2. Up All Night
  3. The Rock Show
  4. What’s My Age Again?
  5. Down
  6. I Miss You
  7. Stay Together For the Kids
  8. Dumpweed
  9. Always
  10. Violence
  11. After Midnight
  12. First Date
  13. F**k a Dog
  14. Heart’s All Gone
  15. Man Overboard
  16. Ghost on the Dancefloor
  17. Happy Holidays, You Bastard
  18. All the Small Things
  19. Josie


  1. Flying Drum Solo / Give the Drummer Some
  2. Carousel
  3. Dammit
  4. Family Reunion

~The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  Keep listening!

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