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October 26, 2011

Jane’s Addiction & Smashing Pumpkins Set Lists

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Welcome back to The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  Jane’s Addiction played the House of Blues in Atlantic City on October 21 in support of their new album The Great Escape Artist and Smashing Pumpkins played the Tower Theater in Upper Darby on October 22 in support of their upcoming album Oceania.  Here are the set lists from the shows, with the usual accuracy warning:

Jane’s Addiction, House of Blues, 10/21

  1. Up the Beach
  2. Whores
  3. Just Because
  4. Ain’t No Right
  5. Ted, Just Admit It…
  6. Been Caught Stealing
  7. Underground
  8. Ocean Size
  9. Three Days
  10. Irresistible Force
  11. Mountain Song
  12. Stop!


  1. Jane Says

Smashing Pumpkins, Tower Theater, 10/22

  1. Quasar
  2. Panopticon
  3. Starla
  4. Geek USA
  5. Muzzle
  6. Window Paine
  7. Lightning Strikes
  8. Soma
  9. Siva
  10. Oceania
  11. Frail and Bedazzled
  12. Silverf**k
  13. Obscured
  14. Pale Horse
  15. Thru the Eyes of Ruby
  16. Cherub Rock
  17. Owata
  18. My Love is Winter
  19. For Martha


  1. Pissant
  2. Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Here’s some videos and a brief synopsis of the Smashing Pumpkins show:

~The Rock Show, where it’s all about the music!  Keep listening!

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